Why we stock so many solid colour diapers.

You might be wondering why we stock so many different solid colour diapers. Here is the reason why!

Stacks of cloth diapers inside a cupboard


At Eco Mini, we enjoy a good print, but LOVE the minimalism of solid colors for long-term cloth diapering.

When our son was born, we chose many bold and fun prints for his diapers, which was great! But, we found that 2 years later, those same prints started feeling a lot less fun to look at. The diapers that we are still enjoying the use of turned out to be the more neutral prints, and solid colours. They suited our son as well when he was a 2-month old baby as they do now that he is a toddler.

We would like our diapers to work for you for as long as possible, so encourage you to have fun with prints, but also consider what will work 2 years from now, or even 4-5 years from now if you are going to be diapering multiple children. 

We currently have 25 solid colour Pocket Diapers to choose from, a selection of neutral prints, and more on the way!