Eco Mini cloth diaper - Blossom
Eco Mini cloth diaper - Blossom
Eco Mini AIO Bambu Tygblöjor
Eco Mini AIO Bambu Tygblöjor
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One Size AIO/AI2 Bamboo/Cotton Diaper. Blossom

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Eco Mini One Size AIO/AI2 Diaper - Unique Features:

  • Luxuriously soft Natural Fiber inner.
  • Includes 2 super soft Bamboo/ Cotton snap-in inserts.
  • PUL tummy panel (in same color/ print as the diaper outer).
  • 3x4 rise snaps to allow for 4 different rise (size) settings.
  • Silky soft 4-way stretch PUL outer.
  • Includes a Pocket opening to allow use as a Pocket diaper if preferred.


Each diaper Includes two 3-layer Bamboo/ Cotton inserts (70% Bamboo & 30% Cotton).


Eco Mini One Size diapers are designed to grow with your baby, and be used throughout the diaper period – from soon after birth, all the way through to the day your little one becomes diaper free.




Hybrid AIO/AI2

  • The diapers are lined with luxuriously soft, absorbent Bamboo/ Cotton fabric.
  • The 2 inserts are snapped in to the front and back of the diaper.
  • Inserts can be folded to offer maximum absorbency where it is most needed (usually toward the front for boys, and the middle for girls).


      Natural fiber

      • Additional pure hemp, or pure bamboo inserts are sold separately to add super absorption for heavy wetters or nighttime use.


      Grows with your baby

      • Eco Mini One Size diapers are designed to fit babies from approximately 4 kg to 16 kg.
      • Adjusting the snaps on the front of the diaper very easily customizes the size.
      • 3x4 rows of rise snaps allow for four different size settings (S/ M/ L/ XL).
      • The double row of waist- and crossover snaps allow for a great fit even on the skinniest of babies.


        Quick dry

        • Our AIO/AI2 diapers dry really quickly compared to regular AIO diapers since only one layer of absorbency is stitched to the PUL (other layers are unclipped prior to laundering).



        • Adjust the rise snaps, and clip 1 or 2 inserts in. The diaper is now ready for use.
        • Lay your baby down on the diaper as you would with a disposable, and secure around the waist making use of the available snaps.
        • Tuck the leg elastics into the “underwear line” so that the diaper sits between the legs in the same way underwear would.



        • Knock solids into toilet.
        • Unclip inserts to prevent strain on the fabrics during laundering.
        • Store in a wetbag or dry pail allowing good ventilation while you wait for laundry day.
        • Prewash: cold, on shortest cycle.
        • Main wash: hot, on longest cycle. (40 – 60C).
        • Do not wash hotter than 60C, as this will damage the elastics.
        • Do not use bleach or softeners.
        • Tumble dry on low or line dry to protect the elastics and get the most life out of your diapers.
        • Do not use bum creams or oily salves as these could impair the absorbency or moisture wicking properties of your diapers.



        • SGS certified, and safety approved for the EU.
        • Free from harmful chemicals and metals.