Set of cloth sanitary pads showing front and back view
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Livia Pad. 21cm. 6 Layers - MEDIUM-HEAVY

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Hand made with love, by Eco Eva.


For medium to heavy flow days.

Livia-6 features 6 absorbent layers of fabric.


Reusable sanitary pads are a great alternative to single use pads for anyone wanting to limit their exposure to chemicals and avoid single use plastics.

Simply use, wash, dry and repeat. Say goodbye to single use items!

Say goodbye to synthetic fibers and glue strips in your underwear.





  • Our Livia pads are 21cm long x 15cm wide (unsnapped).
  • Snapped width is 6cm (Snapped width = the width of the narrowest part of the pad when the wings are snapped together around the narrowest part of your underwear).
  • The asymmetrical shape allows you to position extra coverage either towards the front or back.


Handmade locally

  • All Eco Eva pads are hand made with love in Sweden from locally sourced fabrics.


Machine washable

  • Simply machine wash as needed.


100% Cotton

  • Our pads are constructed from 100% cotton as the top layer, absorbent layers, as well as the bottom layer.


Waterproof layer

  • All of our pads have a hidden waterproof PUL layer for peace of mind.


Non-slip backing

  • All Eco Eva pads are backed with a black 100% cotton flannel layer.
  • Cotton flannel helps the pad stay in place by gently gripping onto the fabric of your underwear.



  • Because all of our pads feature a waterproof layer, our pads can be used both for menstruation or mild incontinence.
  • Simply fasten onto your underwear with the snaps provided.
  • All of our pads are worn with the black side down, and pretty side up.



  • Rinse with cold water after use (hot water could cause stains to set into the fabric).
  • Hang to dry, or store in a Wet Bag until washing day.
  • Wash on maximum 60C.
  • Do not use fabric softeners as these could cause buildup in the fabric, impairing absorbency over time.
  • Tumble dry on low heat, or preferably hang dry to get the most life out of your pads.


Because Eco Eva products are handmade, you can expect small variations to occur.