Eco Mini diaper and wet bag try-out package deal

Try-out pack (BASICS)

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Our Try-out package contains a good selection from our range so that you can start cloth diapering your little one right away.



5 x One Size BASICS Pocket diapers (each including a 4-layer bamboo/ microfiber insert - fits from approx. 3,5kg-16kg)

1 x Additional Hemp/ Cotton blend insert (for adding absorbency for night-time use)

1 x Additional Bamboo Terry insert (for adding absorbency for night-time use)

1 x Large Wet Bag (for storing used diapers before washing day)

1 x Medium Wet Bag (for transporting clean as well as used diapers - each bag has 2 pockets to separate clean from used)

1 x Small Wet Bag (for storing wipes, or transporting 1-2 diapers for quick "travel light" trips out of home)

1 x Roll of pure bamboo Diaper liner sheets (for lining diapers if you ever need to apply salve to baby's bottom)


Please select any of the available colors and prints, and either make notes of your selection in checkout, or email your order number and selection to

Don't hesitate to contact us if there is any way we can supply you on your cloth diaper journey!