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Original inserts- Seconds Grab Bag 1

Original inserts- Seconds Grab Bag 1

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10 original inserts (2 layer bamboo cotton, 2 layer microfibre)


Some of the products in this bag are "seconds".


What does "seconds" mean? 

Factory seconds are brand new products that are perfect from a functional perspective, but have a small aesthetic flaw - this could be a small stitching error, a snap in the wrong color, a small mark from my pen etc.

Seconds are marked as such by a small cut in the label. This means that they do not fall under the usual warranty.

I replace any faulty snaps before shipping seconds, to ensure that they are in good working order when you receive them. 

Seconds are a GREAT way to build a stash on a budget, or create the perfect preschool stash!

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Sanna West (Ängelholm, SE)
Love these

Best inserts! We always use these (together with a hemp insert) and they hold really well. Soft and easy to use