Which breast pads are best for you?

Eco Mini breast pads

Wondering how to choose your breast pads? At Eco Mini, you can find 2 different options to choose from!


Medium- to mild leaks?

Choose Dry-comfort breast pads! 

Sold as single pairs, and topped with Coolmax to help keep you feeling dry. 


Need maximum absorbency/ have heavy leaks?

Choose Super Absorb breast pads! 

Sold in sets, and with deliciously soft bamboo cotton against the skin. 


🌿Both options are backed with a layer of PUL to keep moisture locked in, and your shirt dry.


And the best part? These gorgeous pads can simply be washed together with your regular washing! 

With just a small stash, you will always have what you need at home, so no more running to the shop to buy more pads. And no more throwing away stacks and stacks of single use plastics!


Tip: remember to stay away from fabric softeners which will affect the absorbency.

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