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Cloth Diapers Disposable Diapers
Total diapers needed per child 25 6300
Average cost per child 

4000 kr

(Including 25 pocket diapers,  additional Inserts and Wet Bags)

15 750 kr

(Based on average 2.50 kr each)

Average cost for 2 children

(The same set of cloth diapers are used for child 2)

4000 kr 31 500 kr
Average resale value of diapers after 2-3 years use 2000-3000 kr 0 kr
Average amount of waste generated per child

Under 1kg

(Natural fabrics are biodegradable, and synthetic fabrics can be recycled)

1449 kg

(Based on weight of soiled diapers)

200 kg+

(Based on weight of unused diapers)

Water used to manufacture one diaper 750 litres 545 litres
Total water used per child

38 325 litres

(Based on manufacturing 25 diapers + doing a prewash and main wash cycle every 5 days for 2,5 years using a standard HE machine @ 105 litres of water per cycle)

3 433 500 litres

(Based only on manufacturing 6300 diapers)



* All info in the table above is based on our extensive research on the topic, and calculated based on current costs and figures within Sweden in 2020.

* This table attempts to give a brief overview on the difference in environmental- as well as financial impact between cloth and disposable diapers. We encourage you to do further research on the topic, so that you may make an informed decision for your family.