Why cloth pads? - in English

Selection of different sized reusable cloth sanitary pads
Every year, around 500 MILLION sanitary pads, tampons and liners are used in Sweden alone. Lined up, they form a 82 000km long snake that could circle more than twice around the earth! 
If you add the days up, the average woman will menstruate for approximately 6 years over her lifetime, and spend around 30 000 kr on sanitary products.
Disposable pads, tampons and liners are a huge contributor to single-use plastic waste, as well as chemical pollution due to the manufacturing process and bleaching of raw materials.
It is time to stop and think about our consumption. It is time for change.
Traditionaly, menstrual blood has been stigmatised, and made out to be a taboo topic. Something that should be hidden and not talked about.
Corporations fuel this "culture of concealment", telling us over and over that the "modern" and "free" woman uses disposable sanitary products so that (Heaven forbid) no-one should ever find out that she menstruates.  
We would love to see every women liberated from this cloud of menstrual shame,  confident in her body, and well informed enough to make the decision she feels aligns best with her values- not simply pressured into adding to our global pollution crisis due to stigma.
We love our cloth pads, and would love to see cloth become mainstream again!
Just in case you are not convinced yet, here are a few more reasons why we choose cloth:
  • They are so darn pretty! We choose fun fabrics over sterile pads any day.
  • They do not smell bad the way that disposable pads do.
  • They do not have that horrible crinkly/ plastic feel, and simply feel like part of your clothing.
  • They do not leave glue residue in your underwear the way disposables do.
  • They are easy to use - they just clip around your underwear, can be stored in a cute Wet Bag on the go, and are simply washed at 60C at the end of your cycle.
  • They last a really long time! When cared for, a single set of well made cloth pads could last for up to 10 years.
  • You can save loads of money over time.
  • By using cloth you do not expose yourself to the chemicals and synthetic fragrances in disposable pads/ tampons.


Get in touch if you have any more questions or would like support in starting your own cloth journey. We would love to hear from you!


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