How to choose your POCKET diaper

Eco mini modern cloth diaper

At Eco Mini you can find THREE different premium pocket diaper options!

  1. Bamboo pocket
  2. Pocket1.0
  3. Coolmax pocket

Wondering which one to choose?

From the outside they look exactly the same- Same cut, same snap placement, and same awesome fit!
The difference is in the lining fabric that will be against your little one's skin.

So, if you have been wondering which to choose, here is a little breakdown on the differences:

If you would like natural fibers against baby's skin, or wet feedback for little one, the BAMBOO pocket is for you!! 

🌿BAMBOO pocket has a bamboo/ cotton lining (70% bamboo; 30% cotton), and gives your little one wet feedback.


If you would like baby to feel dry, even after peeing, choose between Pocket1.0 and Coolmax, or a combination of the 2!

🌿both COOLMAX and POCKET1.0 have a 100% polyester lining, that provides a stay-dry effect for baby.

🌿POCKET1.0 (Eco Mini original pocket) has micro-fleece
as the polyester lining, and gives the driest feeling to baby.
🌿COOLMAX has an athletic wicking jersey, and has a slightly cooler feel for baby- great for super hot summer days!

Whichever you choose, you can't go wrong!

The great thing about having the same cut on all 3 pockets (also applies to the AIO/A12), is that you can use them interchangeably, without having to remember different snap settings as you would if you were mixing brands!
This is particularly appreciated by preschool staff, and babysitters/grandparents!

If you have not done so yet, give pockets a try! They are universally the most loved cloth diaper system- and for very good reason!