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20-pack Coolmax Pockets

20-pack Coolmax Pockets

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  • 20  Coolmax Pockets, (in any prints available at the time of purchase)'
  • 20 Inserts (2 layers bamboo/cotton, 2 layers microfibre)


Simply email prints selection to info@ecomini.se directly after placing order.

See available prints HERE



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Add any 10 or more diapers to cart, and use code EM10 at checkout for 10% discount.

Add any 20 or more diapers to cart, and use code EM20 at checkout for 20% discount.

* Discount applies to diapers only, and cannot be combined with other offers.




    • SGS certified, and safety approved for the EU.
    • Free from harmful chemicals and metals.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    A. (Stockholm, SE)
    Favorite print!

    Love Eco Mini pocket diapers! They have a lot of room for boosters/inserts, soft and strechy PUL. And absolutely amazing prints! Barbara Anne is my favorite!

    Thank you so much for your excellent review! So great to hear that you are loving your Eco Mini!

    Catharina Undsjö (Sollentuna, SE)

    The coolmax lining of these lovely diapers are super helpful when you gave birth to a child who, like his father, is a walking radiator. The coolmax help our kiddo keep his cool, even in the midst of summer. As long as one follows the guidelines for how to wash and care for these diapers I haven't really noticed that much of elastics losing elasticity, the colours keep vibrant and the fabrics are as soft now as whey they were bought. A quality diaper that'll fit most for a long time!

    Alice Guldsvärd (Uddevalla, SE)
    Absoluta favoritblöjorna!

    Dessa blöjor är våra absoluta favoriter! Funkade tidigt, redan när vår dotter var bara någon vecka och vägde under 4kg. Rekommenderar starkt!

    Bonnie Karlsson
    Så fin!

    Så fin blöja och väldigt bra passform till min dotter med gosiga lår.

    Jo (Söderhamn, SE)
    Better together

    The cutest print out there for sure! And I love the colored coolmax. It fits my 1.5 year old really well.

    H.B. (Stockholm, SE)
    All you need

    I got a 20 package at birth (my baby had chubby legs) so she used them from 2months old till 2 years. I bought some extra just beacuse soooo cute. Perfect package. My husband now reckons that we saved loads and he saved himself a few trips to the grocery store

    H.B. (Stockholm, SE)
    Cutest butt at the beach!!

    Oh man, all the kids want to be in diaper at the beach yet disposables are ugly, fill in with sand, not always easy to find where to throw away. With this one my kid had the coolest butt out of everyone else. Super cute, not loads of sand, more comfy to sit also Coolmax really helps to keep their butt cool in the heat of summer, no issue to store and change. But literally the most important: the swaggiest coolest butt.

    Imke Willer (Stockholm, SE)
    Cute print & nice green coolmax inside

    Ecominis coolmax are our favourites at home

    Johanna Lundström (Sigtuna, SE)

    Lovely print with bright colors and the fit is perfect. Out go to brand when we need a diaper we can trust.

    Nicola Hinrichsen (Södertälje, SE)
    The go to diaper

    These coolmax diapers are the best value for money. The solid colours in recycled material makes me love them even more! They dry quickly and are poop resistant.