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Hemp Cotton Insert

Hemp Cotton Insert

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  • Single additional Insert to use in Pocket diapers, or to boost AIO/AI2.
  • Made from 55% Hemp and 45% Cotton.
  • Excellent for heavy wetters, or night-time use!


  • Made from FOUR layers of Hemp Cotton blend for a powerfully absorbent insert.


Keep in mind

  • Hemp holds the MOST moisture out of all our fabrics, but is considered a slower absorber. 
  • For best results, layer UNDER the insert that follows with your Pocket Diaper.
  • So, bamboo/ cotton inserts closest to baby, with the hemp packed in under it.


Natural Fiber

  • Our Hemp and Cotton blend combines the best properties of both fibers – the great absorption capacity of Hemp + the faster absorption speed and softness of Cotton.
  • Because Hemp and Cotton fibers naturally contain oils, our inserts need to be washed at least 4-6 times before they start absorbing really well. The more they are washed, the more absorbent they will become over time.



  • Knock solids into toilet.
  • Pull insert out of the pocket.
  • Store in a wet bag or dry pail allowing good ventilation while you wait for laundry day.
  • Prewash: cold, on shortest cycle.
  • Main wash: hot, on longest cycle. (40 – 60C).
  • Do not wash hotter than 60C.
  • Do not use bleach or softeners.
  • Tumble dry on low or line dry to get the most life out of your inserts.
  • Do not use bum creams or oily salves, as these will impair the absorbency of your inserts, and moisture wicking properties of your diapers.



Roughly 34,5 x 13cm.



  • SGS certified, and safety approved for the EU.
  • Free from harmful chemicals and metals.
  • Manufactured in China

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Emma Larsson (Malmo, SE)
Absorbs a lot but not fast enough

Needs to be combined with something else to work for my babies, they become unhappy before the inserts have absorbed everything. When adding an additional absorber the diapers become too bulky for my babies. Would love a microfiber/hemp insert!

Thank you for your review! The hemp holds the MOST moisture of all of the fabrics, but is classified as a slow absorber. We always recommend it used UNDER one of the faster absorbers (bamboo, bamboo terry, or bamboo microfiber) for best results.
If 2 inserts are currently too bulky for your little ones, you could try folding a small wash cloth over the hemp insert to add a bit of absorption speed without bulk. Otherwise try the 4 layer bamboo cotton on it´s own :)

As your little ones grow, 2 inserts soon stop feeling bulky. They grow so fast!
Trusting that you will soon get very good use from your hemp inserts!

Matilda Eriksson (Katrineholm, SE)
Mjuk supersugare!

Har inte hunnit använda mer än ett par gånger men håller redan bra med vätska! Toppen att kombinera med originalinlägget man får med 🤩 detta blir nog perfekt till förskolan!

Thank you for this excellent review! So glad that the hemp in combination with the original insert is working so well for your little one!

Nicola Hinrichsen (Södertälje, SE)
Might absorber indeed

These hemp inserts are just perfect to boost any diaper for our heavy wetter!

Linda Wendel
Love it! / Rekommenderar!

Used it for about a month now for adding absorption and its great!

Jag har använt det i ungefär en månad nu för extra uppsugning och det är toppen!