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Face Scrubby Set - Pearl

Face Scrubby Set - Pearl

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Hand made with love, by Eco Eva.


Set of 4 Face Scrubbies.

Reusable face scrubbies have become popular in the Zero Waste movement as a replacement for single use cotton rounds. They are great for gently removing your makeup, and cleansing your face.

Simply use, wash, dry and repeat. Say goodbye to single use items!




Handmade locally

  • Our face scrubbies are hand made with love in Sweden from 100% cotton yarn.
  • Each scrubby is roughly 8cm in diameter.


Machine washable

  • Simply place in a washing bag, and wash with your regular laundry as needed.



  • Use in stead of single use cotton rounds for removing makeup, cleansing and gently exfoliating your face.



  • Place in a washing bag, and wash at 40C as needed.
  • Do not tumble dry.


Because Eco Eva products are handmade, you can expect small variations to occur.



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