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24cm REGULAR pad - Boob Mandala

24cm REGULAR pad - Boob Mandala

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  • 1 sanitary pad
  • Choose between Bamboo Terry or Charcoal Fleece closest to skin


    Made from

    • 1 layer of either luxuriously soft Bamboo Terry, or Charcoal Fleece fabric closest to your skin.
    • 1 layer of microfiber for super fast absorbency in the core.
    • 1 layer of waterproof PUL fabric to keep the moisture locked in.


    Machine washable

    • Simply throw in the machine, dry and reuse.
    • Say goodbye to single use items!



    • Do not wash hotter than 60C, as this could cause the PUL fabric to delaminate.
    • Do not use fabric softeners or oily salves as these will cause buildup in the fabric, and impair the pads absorbency over time.
    • Tumble dry on low or line dry to get the most life out of your pads.



    • Length: 24cm.
    • Snapped width: 7cm (on smallest setting) or 8cm (on wider setting)



    • SGS certified, and safety approved for the EU.
    • Free from harmful chemicals and metals.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Louise Rytter Nielsen (Ängelholm, SE)
    Beautiful patterns

    I absolutely love the patterns on these items. And the absorbency and feel of the fabric if amazing. I however is not a fan of the color of the inside. I don’t like that you see the red on it when used and the stains is really hard to remove. Then it looks dirty when cleaned. I have another one from ecomini that is dark grey which I like a lot better. I would also love to see them in longer size and with “baby clothes buttons” which you don’t feel as much when wearing tight clothes, bicycling and sitting up.

    Thank you for your review!
    The natural bamboo fabric allows the opportunity to monitor the mentrual blood, and more actively understand the menstrual health. But if you prefer not seeing the blood, you can choose any of the 'charcoal fleece' pads - they are topped with a grey colored fleece fabric, and are stain resistent :)
    A good tip for preventing stains in the bamboo fabric is to rince well in cold water after use, and give the pads a chance to dry in the sun (when possible). The sun is a magic stain remover!

    I will definately look into adding a longer version in future :)

    Hugs, Nicci

    Matilda Eriksson (Katrineholm, SE)
    Finaste och mjukaste bindan

    Denna mjuka härlighet har jag inte hunnit använda ännu men den gör så att man längtar tills nästa mens 🤩 bra längd, bra form och ser ut att kunna hålla mycket vätska.

    Thank you so much for your excellent review! So glad to hear that you are happy with your pads! :)

    Erika Larsen (Ängelholm, SE)

    Bestämde mig för att börja med tygbindor såhär efter att ha blivit mamma och det är så fantastiskt skönt mot huden. Blir inte lika irriterat och varmt som med engångs. Så nöjd👌🏼😍🤩 kan varmt rekommendera

    Thank you for your excellent review! So lovely to hear that you are loving your Eco Mini pads!

    Ayla Stålemar (Helsingborg, SE)

    Love it!

    Ayla Stålemar (Helsingborg, SE)

    I LOVE the 30cm bamboo-pad but this one was too soft for me, it didnt sit good and got folded when I was moving.

    Thank you for your review, and so awesome to hear that even though the 24cm did not suit you, you are loving your 30cm pads!
    Every body is different, so is perfect to test the different styles and find the one that you love best :)

    Ayla Stålemar (Helsingborg, SE)

    Love it! Fits perfectly and FINALLY i feel fresh with a pad. Recomend these for everyone.

    Thank you for your excellent review!

    C. (Linköping, SE)
    Så bekväma och mjuka ich svala

    Så bekväma att använda och svala mot huden. Mjuka och kändes mycket som man inte använde binda. 🥰 gillade dessa mer än de i fleece och bamboo.

    Thank you for the review! So glad to hear that you are loving the pads

    L.M. (Norrköping, SE)
    Också till vardags!

    Jag använder dessa hela månaden, alltid, varje dag för att skydda mot eventuella läckage. Det är en bra storlek, absorberar bra, enkla att tvätta och torkar snabbt! Rekommenderas!

    H.B. (Stockholm, SE)
    Fits well and comfy

    Fits well
    Easy to wash
    Very comfy and super absorbent

    Maya (Stockholm, SE)

    Besides the beautiful prints, good to quality too