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Small Wet Bag. Harmony

Small Wet Bag. Harmony

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  • Our Wet Bags are water resistant, reusable and a great way to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags!


Machine Washable

  • Wash with a load of diapers, or with your regular laundry.
  • Made of single-ply fabric (PUL) for faster drying.


Snap-on Strap

  • A snap-on strap makes it easy to hang the bag on your stroller, towel rack etc.


Reuse and Reduce

  • Great for storing clean- as well as dirty diapers, cloth wipes, sanitary pads, and more! The uses are endless.
  • Say goodbye to single use plastics!


Turn the bag inside-out to wash. Tumble dry low or preferably line dry to get the most life out of your wet bag.


18cm x 25cm

Fits approximately 1-2 cloth diapers


  • SGS certified, and safety approved for the EU.
  • Free from harmful chemicals and metals.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Zophie Juhlin (Lysekil, SE)
Perfekt som alltid

Alltid lika nöjd med PUL-påsarna härifrån! Underbart print och smidig storlek för blöja, men också blöta badkläder!

Thank you so much for your review! So happy to hear that you are loving your wet bags! ❤️

Sara (Boden, SE)
Perfekt storlek!

Perfekt storlek att ta med i skötväskan för smutsig blöja. Men också perfekt som snack-bag så köp två!

Jasmin B. (Stockholm, SE)

I bought this small wet bag for the specific reason to store my reusable period panties that are waiting to go into the washing machine (too much information? well, it shouldn't be a tabu topic!) It is a simple and elegant way of storing my clothes - rather than hiding them somewhere or leaving them out for everyone to see... I love the design, it brings such joy and a splash of colour into my bathroom. The moisture stays in the bag and when I'm ready to wash the content, I just throw the bag right into the machine with everything else.

5-star recommend!!

Thank you so much for your absolutely lovely review! So glad to hear that you are loving the bag!

Emma Pettersson (Lindome, SE)

Bra storlek, fint print och bra kvalitet 👌

Thank you so much for your review! ♥

Louise Bonthron Engstrand (Malmo, SE)
Perfekt sice

Very Happy with it, both funktional and beautiful too look at

L.M. (Norrköping, SE)
Toppen till hygienartiklarna

Denna används flitigt till hygienartiklarna när vi åker till badhuset och till dottern på 10 som har den i gymnastikpåsen till skolan. Storleken är perfekt till detta!