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One Size AIO/AI2 Bamboo/Cotton Diaper. Melody

One Size AIO/AI2 Bamboo/Cotton Diaper. Melody

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Eco Mini One Size AIO/AI2 Diaper - Unique Features:

  • Luxuriously soft Natural Fiber inner.
  • Includes 2 super soft Bamboo/ Cotton snap-in inserts.
  • PUL tummy panel (in same color/ print as the diaper outer).
  • 3x4 rise snaps to allow for 4 different rise (size) settings.
  • Silky soft 4-way stretch PUL outer.
  • Includes a Pocket opening to allow use as a Pocket diaper if preferred.


Each diaper Includes two 3-layer Bamboo/ Cotton inserts (70% Bamboo & 30% Cotton).


Eco Mini One Size diapers are designed to grow with your baby, and be used throughout the diaper period – from soon after birth, all the way through to the day your little one becomes diaper free.




Hybrid AIO/AI2

  • The diapers are lined with luxuriously soft, absorbent Bamboo/ Cotton fabric.
  • The 2 inserts are snapped in to the front and back of the diaper.
  • Inserts can be folded to offer maximum absorbency where it is most needed (usually toward the front for boys, and the middle for girls).


      Natural fiber

      • Additional pure hemp, or pure bamboo inserts are sold separately to add super absorption for heavy wetters or nighttime use.


      Grows with your baby

      • Eco Mini One Size diapers are designed to fit babies from approximately 4 kg to 16 kg.
      • Adjusting the snaps on the front of the diaper very easily customizes the size.
      • 3x4 rows of rise snaps allow for four different size settings (S/ M/ L/ XL).
      • The double row of waist- and crossover snaps allow for a great fit even on the skinniest of babies.


        Quick dry

        • Our AIO/AI2 diapers dry really quickly compared to regular AIO diapers since only one layer of absorbency is stitched to the PUL (other layers are unclipped prior to laundering).



        • Adjust the rise snaps, and clip 1 or 2 inserts in. The diaper is now ready for use.
        • Lay your baby down on the diaper as you would with a disposable, and secure around the waist making use of the available snaps.
        • Tuck the leg elastics into the “underwear line” so that the diaper sits between the legs in the same way underwear would.



        • Knock solids into toilet.
        • Unclip inserts to prevent strain on the fabrics during laundering.
        • Store in a wetbag or dry pail allowing good ventilation while you wait for laundry day.
        • Prewash: cold, on shortest cycle.
        • Main wash: hot, on longest cycle. (40 – 60C).
        • Do not wash hotter than 60C, as this will damage the elastics.
        • Do not use bleach or softeners.
        • Tumble dry on low or line dry to protect the elastics and get the most life out of your diapers.
        • Do not use bum creams or oily salves as these could impair the absorbency or moisture wicking properties of your diapers.



        • SGS certified, and safety approved for the EU.
        • Free from harmful chemicals and metals.



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        Customer Reviews

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        Catharina Undsjö (Sollentuna, SE)
        A great aio/ai2-option!

        We used these so much when baby was still nursing and boy do they absorb! Also easy for my hubs who refers to my pocket-packing-skills as awesome but feels insecure on how much absorbency to add - these lovelies are pretty easy. Just snap in one or two inserts and you'll be good to go.

        I also bought a couple of coolmax inserts that we've used since babe started to react to feeling wet. We mostly use that during naptime so that kiddo gets his sleep in without waking up due to feeling wet!

        L.M. (Norrköping, SE)
        En favorit

        Min dotter har kissat väldigt mycket hela tiden och naturmaterial på insidan av blöjan har därför varit vårat go-to! Och dessa har från början bra med uppsugning. Man behöver allra oftast inte köpa till extra inlägg, blöjan är komplett som den är och det är verkligen toppen!

        Nicola Hinrichsen
        Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

        This AIO/2 has been the easiest dipper I have ever used! I love that I can just snap on the inserts instead of stuffing them. This makes nappy folding super quick and easy, however, I love that it still has the pocket function to add extra absorbency later when needed. The natural fiber lining means extra absorbency right from the start. When my son potty trained it was an excellent oopsie catcher with no inserts but still felt like underwear for him. The fit is just perfect for every stage. Form my now 2 month old till potty training. Added bonus are the beautiful prints!

        Linda Wendel
        Very Good / Mycket bra

        I love the Ai2 and its inserts! I like that two inserts are included and that I can choose to snap-in or put the inserts in the pocket. I really like the inserts. The inserts are a firm/substantial yet soft and holds a lot of liquid. They might curl a bit/be a little wavy after wash but can be stretched. The elastics is quite firm and initially I thought it might be too firm. However, after using it a couple of times I reconsidered. Reliable. Good fit on baby with fluffy thighs.

        Gillar verkligen denna Ai2. Jag gillar att två inlägg ingår och att jag kan välja att snap-in eller lägga inläggen i fickan. Jag är mycket nöjd med inläggen. Inläggen är mjuka men upplevs som rejäla och kan hålla mycket vätska. Inläggen kan bli lite vågiga efter tvätt men kan sträckas eller dras mot en bordskant för att minska vågigheten. Resåren är lite mer åt det stumma hållet. Jag trodde att det skulle vara en nackdel men har efter användning ändrat åsikt. Resårerna är en av anledningarna till att blöjan blir så pålitlig. Bra passform på min runda bebis.