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Snap Covers - Extend to fit older children

Snap Covers - Extend to fit older children

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Need diapers to fit an older child? No problem!

Snap covers are used to cover the inner hip snap, so that the diapers can be extended to their largest setting.

Using the snap covers, Eco Mini Pocket1.0 and AIO/AI2 diapers can comfortably fit children with a waist circumference of up to 56cm.

The stretch in the PUL, coupled with the elastic around the back allow older children to use the diapers as pull-up pants.


Snap covers are sold in sets of 2.



Cover hip snaps with snap covers.

Unless soiled, snap covers can be re-used a couple of times before needing a wash. Wash as needed with your regular diaper laundry.



Snap covers are made from 2 layers of 100% cotton flannel, with a polyester fleece core to provide soft and comfortable padding.

Our snap covers are handmade in Sweden by Eco Eva.

Small variations may occur.





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Catharina Undsjö (Sollentuna, SE)
A niftly little stash-saver!

I'm soo happy I remembered Nicci makes these before selling off my Ecomini-collection. I love the EcoMini diapers, but my little one grew very quickly in all directions and with the chonk we've been reluctant to use our EM's as they've been on the tighter scale of things. With these my stash is saved! I'm so happy that I can keep using the OS and won't have to buy any XL-diapers for a while :D
I'm lazy though, so I'll probably end up buying more pairs instead of just moving the once we have aroud. A splendid product!